Montag, 30. Mai 2011

The RepRap

and welcome back!
Today I want to introduce the RepRap to you.
The RepRap is not only 3D printer. It’s an attempt to engineer a printer which can print another printer. For now you could name it a replicator (why it isn’t I explain you later).
The core element of the RepRap is a plastic extruder which heats plastic up until it melts. A bunch of stepper motors move the extruder over the ground and the printer starts with the first layer of the object of your desire. After finishing the first layer, the extruder moves up and begins with the next layer on top of the first one. So the object grows from layer to layer higher until it is complete. 

That’s it for today. But stay tuned, because:
Progress never sleeps!

Here you can see a Video of the printer.