Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

Let's get starting!

„Ein Herzliches Hallo! „
and welcome to my new Blog „A Bachelors Mind“. As far as I’m seeing myself in the heritage of great German engineers like „Conrad Zuse“ or „Werner von Braun“ I see this Blog in the heritage of „All my Atoms!“. You could say it’s „All my Atoms 2.0“, when you are talking about the scientific background or the well researched articles.

But it should be more than just that. In this Blog I won’t post interesting things great men come up with long before our time has begun. But I will give you a very deep view into the process of scientific work.

As for that, I will take my Bachelor Thesis as the example. As you probably know, researches aren’t the cheapest things in the world. So I’m also trying to fund my work with this Blog and if you think:

“Man! This is indeed a good idea and he could use this Buck really well. I will donate a few pennies to him. ”

Don’t hesitate and let it me know. But if you’re tight on money I would be also happy about some comments on my work.

That’s it for the moment. But stay tuned, because:
Progress never sleeps!


  1. I wish I could donate a few bucks but sadly I am broke as hell. lol.

  2. Lol if only I had some cash in my PayPal

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  4. Haha i like the idea of this blog, cant wait to see what you will be posting up soon

  5. great idea for a blog keep them coming. :)

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