Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Blueprints in my mind!

and welcome back! Today I present you the base of my idea and how all has begun.
So let’s start!
I’m a 23 years old student from Germany.  My subject is Medical informatics and Biomedical engineering.  In the moment I visit the sixth of seven semesters. Last year I took my practical semester at an “Institut für klinische Physik und Biomedizintechnik” (institute for clinical physic and biomedical engineering). During that time I discovered the fact that you have to pay a huge amount for spare parts out of plastic. Just like this knob costs around 100€ (140$). 

So the first thoughts began to settle down, but nothing important happens for a longer period. Until the day I read in a magazine (Business Punk, issue 02_10) about 3D printers, especially about the Makerbot from Makerbot Industries, and the whole concept of rapid prototyping. A train hit me! Why not using such a device for reproducing my spare parts? 

An idea was born!
Like a hound smelling the prey I started to gather information:
What types of 3D printers are available?
How do they work?
What do they need?
Where are the limits of printing?
After a while I stumble upon the “RepRap Wiki” and the “David” laser scanning system. But about that I will tell you in the next post.
So stay tuned, because:
Progress never sleeps!


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  2. Hmm, how would a 3D printer work if you wanted to replicate something broken though? Can you scan something, then edit it on a computer?