Dienstag, 7. Juni 2011

David vs. Goliath vs. Blue Knob

and welcome back!

Today I want to introduce some scanning softwares to you.

I want to lay an eye on the "David Laserscanning" software and the Vi3Dim software.

The David solution:

Development of DAVID-LASERSCANNER started in September 2006 by German computer scientists Dr. Simon Winkelbach and Sven Molkenstruck, research associates of the Institute for Robotics and Process Control of the TU Braunschweig.

What you need:
A line laser, a webcam and two calibration papersheets in an 90° angle in the bachground.

Cost: ~70€ if you by all for yourself (but without the software, so if you want more you've got to pay more) or 399€ if you by the starterkit from their homepage.

Effort in scanning:

Well you need a calm hand and a lot of time to train the laser movement with your hand.

The Vi3Dim solution:

It's a small (maybe located in Isreal) company, which bring out this cheap software (~20$).

What you need:

A webcam and a printeable calibration checkerboard.

Cost: ~ 60€

Effort in scanning:

Just spin the board slow around his axis.

So I think the Vi3Dim solution is the best for the moment. But Im not totally agreeing because for the Vi3Dim you need an texture on the Object. For the David solution you just need an object. But the tests will show us an result!

That’s it for today. But stay tuned, because:
Progress never sleeps!

Montag, 30. Mai 2011

The RepRap

and welcome back!
Today I want to introduce the RepRap to you.
The RepRap is not only 3D printer. It’s an attempt to engineer a printer which can print another printer. For now you could name it a replicator (why it isn’t I explain you later).
The core element of the RepRap is a plastic extruder which heats plastic up until it melts. A bunch of stepper motors move the extruder over the ground and the printer starts with the first layer of the object of your desire. After finishing the first layer, the extruder moves up and begins with the next layer on top of the first one. So the object grows from layer to layer higher until it is complete. 

That’s it for today. But stay tuned, because:
Progress never sleeps!

Here you can see a Video of the printer.

Sonntag, 22. Mai 2011

Blueprints in my mind!

and welcome back! Today I present you the base of my idea and how all has begun.
So let’s start!
I’m a 23 years old student from Germany.  My subject is Medical informatics and Biomedical engineering.  In the moment I visit the sixth of seven semesters. Last year I took my practical semester at an “Institut für klinische Physik und Biomedizintechnik” (institute for clinical physic and biomedical engineering). During that time I discovered the fact that you have to pay a huge amount for spare parts out of plastic. Just like this knob costs around 100€ (140$). 

So the first thoughts began to settle down, but nothing important happens for a longer period. Until the day I read in a magazine (Business Punk, issue 02_10) about 3D printers, especially about the Makerbot from Makerbot Industries, and the whole concept of rapid prototyping. A train hit me! Why not using such a device for reproducing my spare parts? 

An idea was born!
Like a hound smelling the prey I started to gather information:
What types of 3D printers are available?
How do they work?
What do they need?
Where are the limits of printing?
After a while I stumble upon the “RepRap Wiki” and the “David” laser scanning system. But about that I will tell you in the next post.
So stay tuned, because:
Progress never sleeps!